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About Us

We are a 60 year old, family owned and managed tea company, based in Nepal. We cultivate and manufacture tea. Our tea is consumed locally, as well as exported to India, Russia, and the middle east.

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Tea Producer

We cultivate tea in large scale plantations, known as tea estates. Cultivation activities include, sapling nurseries, tea seed production, countour planning and plantation, pruning, draining and irrigation.

The estates together span more than a 1000 acres, and employ more than 500 full-time wage earners. Employees are housed in company housing quarters, which are themselves small bustling communities.

Tea Estates

  • Samsher Tea Estate
    400 Acres
  • Giribandhu Tea Estate
    600 Acres
  • Yeatin Tea Estate
    100 Acres

Tea Manufacturer

More an art, than a science, we process the "green leaf" into finished product in our own processing plants. We primarily manufacture black tea in 2 different forms - CTC tea, and Orthodox tea. We make small quantities of Orthodox green tea on a seasonal basis.

Our processing plants make about 1.5 million kg of premium CTC tea, and 0.3 million kg of high quality Orthodox tea annually, and employ a workforce of 50 full time staff.

Processing Plants

  • Samsher Tea Company
    CTC Tea
  • Giribandhu Tea Processing
    CTC Tea
  • Samsher Tea Processing
    Orthodox, Green Tea


Mr. Chhatra Giri

Owner, Managing Director

A second generation tea planter, a philanthropist, and sole owner of the company, Mr. Chhatra Giri brings more than 40 years of experience in Tea Estate and Tea Production management. Schooled at Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, India and a graduate of Darjeeling Government College, India, Mr. Giri is a renowned industrialist in Nepal, and has a wealth of experience in private, Government, as well as non-profit sectors. Some of his achievements include:

  • Founding Chairman, Nepal Tea & Coffee Development Board
  • President, Nepal Tea Planters Association
  • President, Family Planning Association of Nepal.
  • Industrial Relations advisor to the Nepali Congress Party
  • Representative of Nepal, UN General Assembly 2004.
  • Regional Council Member, IPPF
  • Recipient, Order of the Gorkha Dakshina Bahu by His Majesty, Late King Birendra Shah of Nepal for valuable contribution to business and society.

Mr. Anshu Giri

Director of Operations

Schooled at St. Pauls School, Darjeeling, and alma mater Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India, Mr. Anshu Giri represents the newest generation of the family in Tea.

Having earned his B.Sc (Operations Management), and MBA (Marketing & Finance), from Herberger Business School at St. Cloud State University, USA, Mr. Giri returned to Nepal in 2009 to take over daily operations of the tea business.

Capt. Yeatin Giri


Schooled at St. Paul's School, Darjeeling, and having earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts (Graphic Design) from St. Cloud State University, USA, Mr. Yeatin Giri went on to attend flying school in Florida, USA to pursue his passon for flying.

He is a FAA certified, full-time Airbus A320 family type-rated pilot flying for Himalaya Airlines, Nepal.