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Tea is an important commodity in terms of jobs. Tea production is labour intensive and the industry provides jobs, and supports livelihoods in remote rural areas.

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In least developed countries like Nepal, tea production is an important commodity in terms of jobs. Tea production is labour intensive, and requires a reliable workforce year round. The industry provides vital jobs in the most rural areas of Nepal, where jobs opportunities are far and few.

The livelihoods of more than 500 permanent full-time wage earners, their families, and a furthur 500 seasonal workers depend on tea picking and processing. Furthurmore, we ensure equitable pay for all workers, men and women.

  • 500
    Full-time Workers
  • 300
    Seasonal Workers
  • Uncountable Livelihoods


As owners of tea estates, we take a long view on our natural environment – with a deep understanding of how our business is intimately linked to the landscape where we are located, and the fact that our enviroment is valuable to us as an agro-based industry. We take measures so our operations don't affect local flora and fauna. We continuously plant new tree saplings, discourage fishing in local streams, ponds and rivers, and prohibit trapping and hunting within the estates property. Furthurmore, the tea estates itself provides shelter to countless species of local wildlife, and provide a safe environment for animals to rear the young.


We donate to local chapters of NGO's such as Family Planning Associaton of Nepal. FPAN works across 37 districts to provide critical health services to poor, marginalized, socially excluded, and underserved (PMSEU) communities, including sex workers, people living with HIV (PLHIV), LGBTI people, injecting drug users, migrant workers, and survivors of gender-based violence (GBV).We also support local NGO's in their efforts to raise funds for socio-economic causes, healthcare and treatment of economically disadvantaged individuals.