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Covid19 Response

From our tea gardens to our factories and offices, we follow strict protocols in making sure your cup of tea remains Nepal's finest. We have set stringent hygiene and safety protocols, followed by all Samsher personnel in our Tea Gardens, Offices and Factories

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Social Distancing

The tea industry is highly demanding of manual manpower, and thus requires that we maintain a large workforce of tea pickers. Unfortunately this large workforce also poses a challenge in times like now.

Workers are required to maintain a minimum distance of 2 bush rows, or approx 12 feet between each other, whilst also wearing face masks. This ensures that the workers themselves never come within close proximity of each others during picking. During weighment and leaf collection, a minimum distance of 6 feet is mandated in queues.

We provide free masks to all workers and their families. We discourage customers, partners, and vendors from visiting the factories and offices in person, and instead encourage that all business and administrative activities be carried out over email, phone or video conferencing.

Universal Hygiene

At all of our processing plants we have made it mandatory for everyone to wear facial masks inside the company premises. Workers are required to decontimante and sanitize during entry into factory premises. Water taps and hand sanitizer dispensers are kept at accessible locations throughout the factories. Workers are discouraged touching their faces, mouth and noses, and instead encourged to make use of hand sanitizers, and wash hands are regular intervals.