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CTC Black Tea

Nepal black CTC tea is widely regarded as being one of the best. With 60+ years of experience, our CTC tea has become known for its unique malty character and body, and is the gold standard for quality CTC tea.

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CTC Black Tea

Refers to the type of granular, black tea which is made using the (CTC) crush, tea, curl process. CTC tea processing is mostly automated, but still requires some attention of an experienced tea maker. CTC teas are more forgiving to manufacture than Orthodox teas, but high quality CTC tea requires the finest picked leaves. These teas are processed to create consistent flavours and appearance. Nepal CTC black teas are full bodied, steeps as a deep ruby red color with a rich, slightly bitter flavor. CTC teas are well complemented with milk.

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Unit Weight
35 kg/ Bag
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Popular Grades

Our premium low-grown single origin CTC black tea is made from the finest quality hand-picked leaves. This type of tea is produced to create tea with uniform flavour and appearance. CTC tea processing only consists of broken grades.


Large broken grade, highest quality, most flavoury.


Medium, large broken grade. Very high quality, very flavoury.


Standard size broken grade, stronger cup and flavour profile.


Smallest fanning, best for tea bags. Strongest cup and body.