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Orthodox Black Tea

Nepal black Orthodox tea is gaining in popularity, and widely regarded as being one of the finest tea. With 60+ years of history, our tea is made exclusively from only the finest hand-picked leaves in our own estates.

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Orthodox Black Tea

Refers to the type of loose leaf black tea which is made using the traditional method, on rolling tables. Orthodox processing is time consuming, labour intensive, and requires careful attention of an experienced tea maker. Orthodox teas require the finest picked leaves, and affords little margin of error during processing. Orthodox teas are produced to preserve singular virtues of tea leaves. Nepal Orthodox black teas are light, brisk and bright teas, steeps with delicate and multi-layered flavour profiles, and is best consumed without the addition of milk.

Ordering Info.

Paper Sack
Unit Weight
16-30 kg/ Sack
10 Available

Popular Grades

Our premium low-grown single origin black Orthodox tea is made from the finest quality hand-picked leaves. This type of tea is produced to preserve the singular virtues of tea leaves. These grades are most most widely consumed.


Bold, long wiry leaves, but without tips.


Bold, long or short wiry leaves, with few tips.


Delicate, fine, long wiry leaves, with tips.


Delicate, fine, wiry leaves with lots of tips.


Finest grade, mostly delicate leaves with tips.


High quality, granular, bold broken leaves.


High quality, coarse, broken leaves with some tips.


Small brokens, with uneven leaves and few tips.